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Plated smoked lamb chops

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Smoked food tastes good!

Steak and roasted cornElectric SmokerMy newest foodie toy is an electric smoker. After researching our options, we chose the electric version for two reasons, 1. (based on numerous reviews), it is simple to use with great results and 2. We live in a condo and electric is the only option allowed on our patio. We have not regretted this decision, we love our smoker!  Adding smoked flavor to our food is fun and rewarding.

An electric smoker is not a complicated piece of equipment to learn how to use, it’s easy to get smokin’ you will be rewarded with tasty results.

Using an electric electric smoker is the closest version to “set it and forget it”, not requiring you to tend a flame to maintain a constant temperature.

We continue to be thrilled with the outcome(s)!

Unlike Grilling where temperatures are hot, smoking cooks your food low and slow, keeping your meat juicy and allowing time for the smoky flavor to be absorbed. With the wide variety of wood chips readily available, you can determine how strong and flavorful you want the smoke component to be.

Plated smoked lamb chopsWhat to smoke? Anything!

Smoke-able food is only limited by your imagination. We have smoked salmon, the results were nothing short of spectacular. Using apple wood chips, The fish came out moist and flavorful. Hands down, the best smoked fish I have ever eaten. We used the leftovers to make a smoked salmon dip.

Up the Game with Smoked Spices

Smoked cumin adds a depth of flavor to your Mexican styled dishes. Simple to do, spread ground or whole cumin in a tray and smoke while the smoker is fired up for another item utilizing all available space. Try smoking chilies to add a depth of flavor to soups and your next pot of chili con carne.

plated smoked salmon and sauteed spinachMakin’ your own bacon is reason enough alone to buy a smoker.  Once you discover burnt ends, aka pork belly candy, you will wonder how you lived without this tasty treat.

In addition to the items mentioned above, we have smoked vegetables, cheese, chicken, brisket, and whitefish, all turned out better than expected.

This piece of equipment gets a big thumbs up from me. I would highly recommend buying an electric smoker if you enjoy juicy, flavorful, perfectly cooked food!

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Enjoy! Chef Bea Marie

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