Pure Maple Sugar, My Latest Food Obsession!

July 12, 2017 Comments Off on Pure Maple Sugar, My Latest Food Obsession!
Container and bowl full of Pure Maple Sugar

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Pure Maple Sugar, My Latest Food Obsession!

Container and bowl full of Pure Maple SugarI recently discovered Pure maple Sugar, straight from Vermont.  The smell of this product brings me right back to my childhood, eating blueberry pancakes with butter and pure maple syrup.  The aroma is warm and inviting, I want to live in this container, happily smelling it all day long!  If you have been to my home recently I have shared it with you in one form or another.  I look for ways to incorporate this awesomeness into as many food items as possible!

This is the product I purchased, no reason other than it was Pure and it came from Vermont.  It was easy to find on Amazon and there were several choices, very happy I chose this one.  Excellent quality and great taste!

I am not currently being paid by this company to promote their product or website… If you have interest in trying I would check out Green Mountain Goodness

Pork Belly Tacos– It was used as a component of the rub when we recently made Smoked Pork Belly Tacos.  Sweet and spicy!  I used a more when I bruleed the pineapple for the same tacos.



-Made a Smokin’ Maple Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce, perfect blend of sweet and smokey!jar of homemade BBQ Sauce




French Toast with Maple Cinnamon Compound butter-Making a compound butter using the Pure Maple Sugar and a dash of cinnamon was genius.  This combination was killer on the french toast I made for my daughter when she came to visit recently.


-Sprinkled a bit onto the bacon as it browned in the oven for a smokey sweetness.  Save a couple slices to make a smoky sweet back note to my BLT with avocado.

– I added some sweetness to my crepe batter by adding a couple of teaspoons of Maple Sugar and a dash of vanilla.  Taking this dish to a whole new level!

I love the ingredient statement on this product:  Ingredients:  Pure Maple Sugar

This is real food, one of natures finest!

Enjoy! Chef Bea Marie

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