What Has My Attention, My Current Reading List

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What Has My Attention, My Current Reading List

I spend a lot of time reading and researching food topics and I am thrilled by the number of books available on the subject.  Every food topic is being covered from the chef’s lifestyle, how farmers are raising and treating their animals to grocery shopping.  We care about where our food comes from and the ingredients used when processing the food we are consuming.  We want a real food experience.

Recipe and Technique Research

book cover The Food Lab, Lopez-Alt

The Food Lab, Lopez-Alt

When researching a new technique to apply to a recipe idea, there are two resources that I count on and turn to regularly.  First, I am a big fan of Cooks Illustrated, both the books and the website.  The Cooks Illustrated team works through recipes and techniques, trying multiple methods and ingredients to get the best results.   My other “go-to” source is J. Kenji López-Alt.  As the managing director of  and the author of The Food Lab, he uses science applied to cooking with great results.  He recently announced he is writing the Food Lab 2, it will definitely be on my pre-order list!



Book Cover, Real Food Fake FoodCaring About What We Eat

Knowing what we eat and honoring those who care about the food they produce is the topic of Real Food, Fake Food.  The movement for quality food is real.  More and more articles are being written profiling artisanal food manufacturers, focusing on traditional production methods, quality ingredients and the humane treatment and feeding of animals.

Real Food, Fake Food outlines and shines the light on how, in America, we have diluted and taken ownership of old world food categories been produced in the same exact way for hundreds of years.  You can read My Review of Real Food, Fake Food:  Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do about It



book cover, grocery the buying and selling of food in americaGrocery Shopping, What’s Behind Having Ingredients Available When We Want Them and For A Great Price

Michael Ruhlman has written numerous cookbooks and cooking reference books, many of which I own and use regularly. I recently listed to the audio version of Grocery, The Buying and Selling of Food In America. Similar to his other books, Ruhlman takes a deep dive into how we buy food and why where our food comes from matters. As a advocate for consuming “Real Food” at the highest quality, this book gave me some real and very interesting insight into what goes into making food seamlessly available whenever we want it. He asks the and analyzes the big picture question of what our habits say about the future of how we buy and consume our food.

This book made me realize how much I take for granted that what I want will be available to me when I want it. I was unaware of how much goes into the planning to make that happen. A great listen if you love to eat. His dedication to his father was heartwarming and alone worth the read.

Movie poster Jeremiah Tower, the Last MagnificientThe Story of Jeremiah Tower, The Last Magnificent

The Story of Jeremiah Tower, The Last Magnificent was recently released on DVD and streaming. This is the story of the making of one of the first celebrity chefs. Jeremiah Tower changed the culinary world by stepping out of the kitchen and landing front and center in the dining room, openly mixing with the guests of the restaurant. Creating what has now become accepted as the star status that comes with being a chef. Jeremiah Tower was one of the greats, his culinary journey began at Chez Panisse, putting it on the map as one of the greatest restaurants of all time. After a falling out with Alice Waters, his story continues with his creation of Stars, catapulting him to stardom status, followed by his surprising almost two decade disappearance after his mysteriously restaurant closed. His journey ending with his reappearance to help the troubled Tavern on the Green in New York. Tower’s story has many interesting elements, a great story, one I found inspiring.

What are you reading?  I would love to hear about it!!

Enjoy, Chef Bea Marie




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